Here comes meeee!

I’m finally following through with making a blog, because I’m experiencing so many personal breakthroughs lately, but mostly I just want to CONNECT with people and for all of us to realize how much common ground we have. That might be the most hippie thing I’ve ever said.

I started going to therapy last year because it’s completely covered by my insurance, and while I liked my therapist, I ultimately ghosted her because I realized that I didn’t feel *challenged*. It’s been dawning on me over the past few months that I want to share myself with people who will (constructively) challenge my perspective. Who forces me to pause and examine why I am the way I am…because I’ve come so far in my journey, but it’s true- the more you know, the less you know. Everything is infinite and it’s up to us to choose the experiences we want to have.

Okay, now THAT might be the most hippie thing I’ve ever said.

I’m a 30-something feminine badass and I just started navigating the dating world, which is a world I had previously left unbothered because I didn’t know what to expect and didn’t trust that I’d be able to find my way around. Also it didn’t help that most of my relating to men had happened under the influence. I’ve been single for six years, and celibate throughout most of them, literally anybody would say that’s enough time of solely self-reflecting. It’s time to throw myself into the deep end- time to start learning from experience.

Like I said, I’ve been having so many epiphanies and even though I know it’s already been done a million times over, I want to share them with anyone who will listen! (Or in this case, read)

I finally found a new therapist(although that makes it sound like I’ve been searching forever, I haven’t- I just lucked out and trusted my gut when it came to skimming through my choices), and already I’m starting to feel my perspective shift. The crazy thing is that it feels like it’s coming full speed, and that’s because I’m staying OPEN to being influenced while still maintaining my boundaries. I’m the past I was always easily manipulated and swayed into going with the flow of the crowd instead of my OWN personal flow.

I feel like I’m on an episode of Sex and the City, except it’s more like Sex and the Swamp because I live in Florida.

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